Image Options for Essay 2—Lens Analysis

Following are suggested images for Essay 2—Lens Analysis, which asks you to analyze elements of implicit and/or explicit bias in a printed advertisement. You may also select your own, but you must submit your image to me for approval, along with developed claims on at least three of the elements that you will argue indicate bias.

Van Heusen Man’s World Ties (US)

SAFRA gym (Singapore)

Mr. Clean Mother’s Day (US)

got milk? PMS (US)

Loreal White Perfect (India)

Nivea (Nigeria)

Shiseido White Lucent (Japan)

Nivea Whitening Serum (Philippines & Malaysia)

Posner Brush-On (US)

Nadinola Bleaching Cream (US)

Nerola (Mali)

Fair and Handsome (India)

Burger King (US)

Fairlife (US)


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